Fortnite Update Leak Teases the Return of Lightsabers

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

A Fortnite data miner, FN_Assist, has found that Epic Games has re-added Star Wars Lightsabers into Fortnite's files after the v.19.10 update. Fortnite has had a crossover event with Star Wars every year since 2019, and has received highly positive feedback from the fanbase.

Fortnite players hope that Lightsabers will be added to the game on May 4. On Twitter, a few fans mentioned that a "May the Fourth," or Star Wars Day, event would be extremely fun. Players have also said that the Fortnite x Star Wars events have been some of the best, and want to see previous Star Wars skins back in the game this year.

Fortnite Update Leak Teases the Return of Lightsabers

Players also predict that this Lightsaber addition could be tied in with the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show, which is premiering on Disney+ this year. Fortnite could possibly be preparing for an Obi-Wan x Fortnite crossover.

Previously, Fortnite has done a Star Wars crossover for the release of The Rise of Skywalker. This crossover included characters such as Finn and Rey, skins from Kylo Ren and Sith Troopers and exclusive limited-time weapons such as First Order Blaster Rifles and Lightsabers. Similar characters, skins and limited-time weapons were added in the Fortnite x Mandalorian crossover, as well as the Book of Boba Fett crossover.

Although there is no official news on when Lightsabers or a Star Wars event will be added to the game, it is highly probably that Fortnite and Disney are planning a collaboration this year. Being one of the most popular and well-liked events, Fortnite players can be prepared to see Lightsabers and Star Wars back in the game this year.