Fortnite Update v18.40: Adds Naruto, Mechs, and More

“I never go back on my word. That’s my nindo, my ninja way!”
“I never go back on my word. That’s my nindo, my ninja way!” / Image courtesy of Epic Games

The Fortnite x Naruto crossover has finally arrived in update v18.40. Here's everything included in the recent patch.

The long awaited Naruto crossover has finally made its way to the Fortnite Island. Characters from the Naruto Shippuden anime series are now available for a limited time from the Item Shop, along with a selection of emotes and cosmetics. But, in classic Fortnite fashion, that's not all that's been added.

Below, we've detailed the full list of additions and changes that have come to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode in the most recent update.

Fortnite Update v18.40: Full List

Naruto Outfits

  • Naruto Uzumaki with Seventh Hokage variant Style.
  • Sasuke Uchiha with the Snake Sword Pickaxe
  • Sakura Haruno with Sakura Uchiha variant Style
  • Kakashi Hatake (with Black Ops Kakashi variant Style

Naruto Back Bling

  • Pakkun Back Bling: Kakashi's smallest ninken.
  • Demon Wind Shuriken Back Bling: A shuriken with fearsome curved blades.
  • Hidden Leaf Cloak Back Bling: A warm cloak fit for going on missions.
  • Scroll Back Bling: Contains Techniques
Image courtesy of Epic Games

Naruto Pickaxes

  • Black Ops Sword Pickaxe: A sword used by the Anbu Black Ops.
  • Kunai Pickaxe (with Black variant Style): A sharp weapon favored by the shinobi.
  • Snake Sword: Sasuke's beloved sword.
  • Hidan's Scythe: The scythe of choice for curse rituals.

Naruto Glider and Emotes

  • Kurama Glider: A fearsome nine-tailed beast sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki. (Comes with the Shinobi Teamwork Loading Screen) 
  • Summoning Jutsu Emote
  • Ramen Break Emote: Treat yourself to a lil' shinobi snack.

These items are available separately or through a number of bundles:

Image courtesy of Epic Games
  • The Sasuke & Sakura Bundle: Includes Sasuke Uchiha (with the Sword of Kusanagi Pickaxe), Demon Wind Shuriken Back Bling, Snake Sword Pickaxe, Sakura Haruno (with Sakura Uchiha variant Style), Hidden Leaf Cloak Back Bling, and the Team 7 Loading Screen. Available for 2,200 V-Bucks.
  • The Naruto & Kakashi Bundle: includes Naruto Uzumaki Outfit (with Seventh Hokage variant Style), Scroll Back Bling, Kakashi Hatake (with Black Ops Kakashi variant Style), Pakkun Back Bling, and the Pizza Eating Jutsu Loading Screen. Available for 2,100 V-Bucks.
  • The Shinobi Gear Bundle: includes Ramen Break Emote, Summoning Jutsu Emote, Kunai Pickaxe, Black Ops Sword Pickaxe and Hidan’s Scythe Pickaxe. Available for 1,500 V-Bucks.

Kakashi Missions

Kakashi has also appeared on the island with a number of ninja-themed quests for players to take part in. Complete these to earn some extra rewards. The Copy Ninja will also be around for the rest of the season.

Paper Bomb Kunai

Until the end of the Season, you will be able to find Paper Bomb Kunai as a new weapon to throw at your opponents. Visit Kakashi to get your hands on them or find them in Chests and Loot Llamas. 

Hidden Leaf Village

Find Naruto in front of the Hokage residence who will guide you to the Hidden Leaf Village Adventure Map. Complete quests to unlock more iconic locations in-game.

Image courtesy of Epic Games

To enter the Naruto-themed Creative Hub, select the “Creative” tile in the Discovery tab. To enter the Hidden Leaf Village Adventure Map, select the “Hidden Leaf Village Adventure” tile in the Discovery tab. The Naruto-themed Creative Hub will be available from 10 a.m. ET Nov. 16 to 10 a.m. ET Nov. 23. The Hidden Leaf Village Adventure Map will be available from 10 a.m ET Nov. 16 until 10 a.m. ET Nov. 29

War Effort: The Salvaged B.R.U.T.E.

The rumors were true. Mechs are back but you;ll need to donate a hefty amount of Gold Bars at Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. Stations first. The Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. has a stripped down armor hull with no overshield, making it easier to counter and dismantle. However, it's perfect for taking on wave after wave of Cube Monsters.

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts are back. Technically a "vehicle", you can throw a friend in one of these to do some quick dashing around the aisles. These carts can be found in Retail Row and Holly Hedges.

The Convergence Expands

The Convergence has once again changed shape. The Cube Queen's corruption has spread, so be sure to drop in and check it out.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Grapplers have returned to Team Rumble and Battle Lab.
  • Collection book entries can now be viewed when using Performance Mode.
  • Cars will no longer vanish or move when entering or exiting.