Fortnite v15.30 Patch Notes: Biggest Takeaways

Fortnite v15.30 is ready to hit live servers as of Feb. 2, 2021.
Fortnite v15.30 is ready to hit live servers as of Feb. 2, 2021. / Epic Games

Fortnite v15.30 is ready to hit live servers as of Feb. 2, 2021.

Epic Games has released the latest Fortnite update this Tuesday, Feb. 2. With the downtime officially at an end as of 7 a.m. Tuesday, players can now engage with a plethora of quality of life fixes, new weapons, and an all-new Mandolorian-themed limited-time mode (LTM). It appears that the "bounty hunter" theme of Chapter 2, Season 5 is still going strong at the start of February.

Below, we've compiled a list of the biggest changes heading into Fortnite v15.30.

Fortnite v15.30 Patch Notes

"Mando's Bounty" LTM

In lieu of a highly anticipated cosmetic bundle pack, Epic has released a new Star Wars Mandolorian-themed LTM—allowing players to fight and run for their lives in an effort to stay at the top of the heap. Now, they'll be able to experience the feeling of being locked in a bounty hunter's sights. In this mode, once Mando's boots touch the map, he will stop at nothing to bring down the player with the most points.

New Exotic Weapons

Players will be getting three new exotic weapons heading with this update: the Frozen submachine gun (SMG), the Chug Cannon, and the Burst Quad Launcher. Thanks to Fortnite Twitter informant HYPEX, regardless of whether players ever see them during their own matches, we can tell you the weapons' details right here:

The Burst Quad Launcher does 42 damage to opponents and uses rocket ammo with a magazine size of four. It takes just over five seconds to reload.

The Chug Cannon does 18 damage to players using crossbow bolts. It has a reload time of just over a second.

The Frozen SMG uses light bullets to do 20 damage to its enemies. It has a magazine size of 35 and can reload in around two seconds.

Bug Fixes

Some of the most notable bug fixes coming in v15.30 are:

  • Changes to the Boundless Set
  • Long console loading screens
  • The Child Back Bling blocking vision
  • Receiving damage mid-air when falling inside a car
  • OG Bear vehicle re-enabled
  • Zero Point healing re-enabled
  • Console freezing in the "Compete" tab
  • “Devices” and “Prefabs” tabs are swapped in Creative Mode
  • Eliminating Takers not counting towards the "Eliminate: They Came from the Mist" quest
  • Broken Pickaxe animations
  • Motion Axis setting stuck on "Roll" on Nintendo Switch
  • RT/LT Triggers on Xbox Elite controller on Android

More information about upcoming changes to Fortnite can be found on the developers' Trello board.