Fortnite v15.40 Patch Notes: Biggest Takeaways from the New Update

Fortnite v15.40 has hit the live servers as of 4 a.m. on Feb. 16 and its patch notes weren't far behind.
Fortnite v15.40 has hit the live servers as of 4 a.m. on Feb. 16 and its patch notes weren't far behind. | Epic Games

Fortnite v15.40 has hit the live servers as of 4 a.m. on Feb. 16 and its patch notes weren't far behind.

Epic Games has finally released the latest update for Chapter 2, Season 5. The anticipation for this particular patch has been high given the few short teasers Epic put forward about new Exotic weapons, the return of a fan-favorite mode, and "unvaulted favorite" headed back into the hands of players.

Below, we've outlined the most important things coming with patch v15.40.

Biggest Fortnite v15.40 Patch Notes Changes

Flint Knock Re-release and New Exotics

The Flint Knock pistol has returned to Fortnite at long last. Veteran players will remember this weapon from March 2019. It uses heavy ammo with 86 damage per hit at a 0.33-second rate. It has a 2x headshot multiplier, as well, which will hopefully compensate on the battlefield for the 3.2 seconds it needs to reload.

There is limited information concerning the new Exotics players will be able to pick up on Fortnite Island. So far, it appears that NPCs will be increasing their inventory of Exotic weapons available for purchase.

Air Royale and Floor is Lava to Return

Players will get to see the return of two fan-favorite limited time modes (LTM) this patch: Air Royale and Floor is Lava!

Air Royale places players right on their very own X4 Stormwing. The match follows general last-man-standing rules, meaning the last player still in the air wins. It was immensely popular following its initial release in April of 2019.

Floor is Lava mimics the classic children's game of the same name. Players are left on the ground to face a rising tide of lava. They need to climb higher to escape its molten grasp before it scalds them alive. Last person to earn their place as the Unburnt—barring the "First of Their Name" rest—wins the match.

Possible Hunter Leaked Skins

Three new skins could be making their way into Fortnite, according to Twitter Fortnite informant ShiinaBR. So far, they've only been revealed as the "Skirmish" matching set and the male-only "Kepler" skin. ShiinaBR hopes the Skirmishers could be a crossover with Marvel's latest streaming release, WandaVision—however, DBLTAP cannot confirm the veracity of that wish at this time.

General Bug Fixes

The most important glitches removed from the game this round are:

  • Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.
  • Purple XP Coins disappearing when driven through (without granting XP).
  • Matchmaking doesn’t start if unreadied player leaves early.
  • Phone Booths do not respect island settings when players change Outfits.

Additionally, players should be warned that Epic will be removing unreleased assets from Creative Mode in the next patch.

More information about patch v15.40 and other bug fixes being watched by the Fortnite team can be found on their official Trello board.

This update will be available on Android, PC, Xbox One/Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, and the Nintendo Switch. The file sizes for each fall around 3GB with Xbox One being the highest, Switch following close behind, and next-gen consoles hitting 2.5GB and blow. PC potentially has the lowest at ~1.58GB per machine.