Fortnite v22.30 Update Celebrates Skywalker Week and More

Epic Games, screenshot by DBLTAP

Fortnite's newest update is here, and the iconic heroes of Star Wars are making their debut for Skywalker Week.

As Fortnitemares comes to an end, v22.30 has introduced Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo as exclusive outfits. For a limited time, each character skin can be purchased for 1500 V-Bucks. Leia and Han's sets can be purchased as a bundle for 2500 V-Bucks.

Also featured in this update are new Chrome Punk goals and the return of the Pulse Rifle. Here's the full list of changes that have come with Skywalker Week.

Fortnite Battle Royale Skywalker Week Full Details

Unvaulted Darth Vader Lightsaber and E-11 Blaster Rifle

  • Darth Vader's Lightsaber can be earned by defeating him on the Island.
  • The E-11 Blaster Rifle can be exchanged for Bars or can be found on the ground and in chests.

Luke Skywalker Items

  • Luke Skywalker Outfit
  • Training Remote Back Bling (included with the Luke Skywalker Outfit)
  • Slugthrower Rifle Pickaxe
  • X-34 Landspeeder Glider

Leia Organa Items

  • Leia Organa Outfit
  • R2-D2 Back Bling (included with the Leia Organa Outfit)
  • Electrostaff Pickaxe

Han Solo Items

  • Han Solo Outfit
  • Millennium Falcon Back Bling (included with the Han Solo Outfit)
  • Vibro-staff Pickaxe

Chrome Punk Goals

  • Earn 10 Account Levels (before Jan. 1) Reward: Chromeseed Back Bling
  • Earn 25 Account Levels (before Jan. 1) Reward: Graveyard Rave Loading Screen
  • Earn 50 Account Levels (before Jan.1) Reward: Chrome Punk Outfit

Competitive Notes

  • The Skywalker Week changes and Pulse Rifle are not included in competitive playlists.
  • The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper has been removed from tournament playlists.
  • The Explosive Goo Gun has been removed from Zero Build tournament playlists.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players are now able to collect Reboot Cards without being blocked by invisible collision.

Skywalker Week will end on Nov. 8.