Fortnite v22.40 Update Listed

Fortnite v22.40 Update
Fortnite v22.40 Update / Epic Games

Epic Games released an update for Fortnite with v22.40 that has a lot of fun new features to discuss.

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, v22.40 went live in the game, bringing some new features to the Battle Royale island and the creative mode. Fortnite is still in the midst of the Chrome taking over the island, but there are plenty of new facets of the game keeping things fresh during Chapter 3 Season 4.

Fortnite v22.40 Update

Fortnite v22.40 added a limited-time big battle zero build mode to try out. In the new mode, you will face off in a 40 v 40 game with the storm already in the first zone. Players will drop with uncommon-rarity items in their loadout and all the loot is rare-rarity or higher.

The new update also added a couple of items players will be excited about. For starters, the Octane vehicle from Rocket League previously in creative is coming to the Battle Royale island. This vehicle has rocket boosters and can jump, take flight and drive on walls just like the Rocket League counterpart.

Octane Vehicle
Octane Vehicle / Epic Games

A new item also has been added, the Grapple Glider. This weapon can be found on the ground, in chests and from supply drops which will give you the option to get far from your opponent in the midst of a battle. With the grapple glider players can pull themselves into the air by aiming at a hard surface like a tree or a tall building and then deploy their glider after being pulled up into the air for a quick getaway.

In creative, v22.40 added a class selector UI and a D-Launcher device for creators to use when building an island. The class selector helps gives creators more options when it comes to changing classes and customizing the map screen when the game has begun. The grapple glider has also been added to creative.

With new items like the Octane vehicle from Rocket League and the Grapple Glider, now is the perfect time to work on increasing your account levels in Fortnite.