Fortnite v8.30 patch notes were released Wednesday and in them Epic Games announced the return of the Fly Explosives limited time mode.

Fly Explosives adds every explosive weapon in the game and removes every non-explosive weapon. It's the same concept as the High Explosives LTM but with the addition of the controversial Jetpack.

Fortnite v8.30 Patch Notes Bring About the Return of the Fly Explosives LTM

Fly Explosives returns after some time off in the Fortnite limited time mode rotation. Here's everything you need to know about the limited time mode per the v8.30 patch notes:

  • Only explosive weapons can be found in this mode
  • Floor loot spawners will occasionally spawn Jetpacks
  • Jetpacks are only available in this mode in Battle Royale
  • Reduced storm wait times
  • Rocket ammunition capped at 120

Reboot Vans, a new feature introduced in v8.30, will not be available in Fly Explosives. While fans might revile at the return of the Jetpack considering how controversial the item was/is in Fortnite, Fly Explosives is a fun LTM to try out once in a while.

Plus, with the start of the new Buccaneer's Bounty event, honing your skills in the LTM might prove to be valuable.

Fortnite patch v8.30 is now live on all platforms.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games