Fortnite Vibin Quests and Rewards in Chapter 3 Season 3

Image Courtesy of Epic Games/Fortnite

Here is the list of the Vibin Quests and rewards for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Quests can be a great way to earn extra XP and rewards while immersing yourself in the lore of Fortnite's new season. For holders of the Battle Pass, it would be a shame not to complete them all. Why spend the time and money not to get the most out of it, right?

Quests, come in all shapes, sizes, and universes. Daily quests and weekly quests can be as simple as damaging an opponent using a certain weapon or gathering a certain amount of consumables in the squad match. Milestones are more along the lines of opening 1000 chests or thanking the Bus Driver x number of times. There are even quests for different game modes, for instance, the Island Hoppers universe in Fortnite has its own set of quests. In any case, each completed quest, challenge, milestone, or whatever, offers specific rewards for specific tasks performed by the player.

If you are interested in completing quests, I cannot recommend Perfect Score's YouTube channel enough. He is a guru when it comes to maximizing your XP through quests. He posts multiple times a day, every day, and goes into every nook and cranny where XP can be found. Check out his tutorial for this week's batch of weekly Epic quests below.

Fornite Chapter 3 Season 3 Quests Week 2

  • Headshot Opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun (5)
  • Pick Weeds Around Reality Saplings (5)
  • Launch into the Air Using Geysers (3)
  • Swing 50 Meters or More with the Fortnite Grapple Gloves Without Touching the Ground (10)
  • Enter the Wind Tunnel at The Screwballer in a Baller (1)
  • Eliminate Enemy Players with Ranged Weapons of Epic Rarity or Better (2)
  • Boost into a Runaway Boulder and Dislodge it with a Baller (1)

As you can see, the man is sweaty, but he also clearly has fun completing each quest's objectives. A lot of the quests on this week's list, you might even do by accident, which is perfectly fine.
Ok, maybe not the weeds one, but you get it. All of them are worth doing for that sweet, sweet XP.