Fortnite Vote to Add Combat ARs or Combat SMGs

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite's 18.20 update adds a new war effort round for players to vote on: to add the Combat ARs or the Combat SMGs.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 is well underway. This new season has added a feature where players can vote on one of two items to appear on the island. Players vote using their Gold Bars by donating them at Donation Boards dotted around the island. These donations add to the funding total of certain items. Once an item is 100% funded, it'll be added to the island for players to use.

The first vote saw players choose between the Shockwave Launcher or the Rift-To-Go, with the Shockwave launcher reaching its funding total first. The Legendary weapon was added to the island, and can be found dotted around all over the place.

Fortnite Vote to Add Combat ARs or Combat SMGs

A new vote is set to take place with the launch of Fortnite update 18.20. This time, players will need to make the choice between the Combat Assault Rifle or the Combat SMG. The first one to reach 100% funding will be available on the island for players toadd to their arsenal.

What's different about these particular weapons is the "Combat" class. These weapons boast a tight bullet spread and some impressive power, though both feature a strong recoil which players will need to tame. Regardless of the voting outcome, either one of these weapons is sure to create some devestation on the battle field.

So, contribute to the war effort by donating your Gold Bars at Donation Boards. Vote for the weapon you'd most like to see, and you might just get your wishes.