Fortnite Weapon Tier List February 2020

Fortnite Weapon Tier List February 2020
Fortnite Weapon Tier List February 2020 / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Weapon Tier List for February 2020 is important for those wanting to secure some victory royales.

With there being an abundance of weapons in Fortnite, it is necessary to put them into a tier list so that players know which are best to use over others.

This list includes four tiers featuring weapons that players should keep in their inventory, and shows which weapons to have equipped at all times. The weapons that you should always have equipped over any other are included in the S-Tier, while the following three tiers include weapons that you'll want equipped or in your inventory until you pick up one of a higher tier.

Fortnite Weapon Tier List February 2020


  • SCAR - The assault rifle stands tall as the go-to weapon for medium range fights. It provides strong damage, the ability to pin enemies down and more. If you find one, you're one step closer to victory.
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Nothing's more satisfying than hearing the headshot sound and seeing an elimination notification pop up when using a sniper rifle. It's your go-to weapon
  • Burst Assault Rifle - With insane damage per second (DPS) and fantastic fire rate and clip size, the burst assault rifle makes for one of your best picks for guns in the game.
  • Suppressed Pistol - The suppressed pistol combines a high fire rate, DPS and mag size, separating it from every other pistol in the game and elevating it above most weapons in overall efficiency.


  • M16 - The M16 is basically a SCAR but with less damage done per second, making it as close to the best gun in the game as any.
  • Minigun - With one the highest fire rates and dps, the Minigun can mow down any enemy that unfortunately crosses your path. The downside comes with the gun using only one clip, so once you use it up there is no more using it.
  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle - This rifle is great at doing what the SCAR does with the added bonus of having a thermal scope. It's not as strong at close range, but it's still dominant.
  • Grenade Launcher - When aimed right, the grenade launcher can take out anyone in a specific area and is especially useful in the final moments of a game. It won't often win in a straight up fight though.


  • Pump Shotgun - With the highest damage a shotgun packs and how quickly it can fire off repeated shots, the pump shotgun can do significant damage and will hold the advantage in close quarters. With the gun being narrowed down to close quarters, it is not completely effective overall.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper - Most snipers only give you one shot to hit an enemy as you have to reload again before firing a second time, giving the enemy enough time to run. This sniper gives you multiple chances however, which sets it above other snipers in the game, but lower than other weapons due to its lack of dominant power.
  • Tactical SMG - This gun packs a blistering fire rate but a low mag size, which makes it a solid gun if you can pick off an enemy before they notice you, but a problem once you're noticed.
  • Heavy Shotgun - While it can be used at a long range, the heavy shotgun should be used strictly in close range. Unlike the pump, the heavy shotgun will not fire off quick shots after another, making you subject to a lot of openings with no defense.


  • Scoped Assault Rifle - This rifle is accurate and effective at most ranges but lacks in overall power and damage, unless you can hit a headshot. This limits the guns overall use.
  • Hunting Rifle - This gun is meant to be used at long ranges, but is extremely difficult to shoot accurately from far away, making the rifle a massive letdown. It can be used in closer ranges and deal decent damage, but you can surely find better options.
  • Rocket Launcher - If you can hit an enemy across the map with the rocket launcher you are set, but miss and you're wide open to fire.
  • Handcannon - The Handcannon lacks in almost every way but finds its use in how it can blast an enemy when you nail a headshot consecutively.