Fortnite Weapon Tier List March 2020

Fortnite weapon tier list March 2020
Fortnite weapon tier list March 2020 / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite weapon tier lists are essential to the game as they aid players in knowing which weapons to roll with once they come across them. With the new season introduced, it's time for a new list of the best Fortnite weapons as we slowly enter March 2020.

Fortnite Weapon Tier List March 2020


Suppressed Sniper Rifle: The recently-unvaulted weapon is a monster at headshots while keeping you hidden due to its suppressor. With the new season featuring agents and spies, this sniper seems perfect for the theme, making it the best weapon in the game right now.

SCAR: Once again, the SCAR remains at the top of the weapons list. The rifle packs incredible hole punching damage and is explosive at medium range. When you have this gun in your hands and an enemy standing nearby, it's safe to say you're the one that's going to walk away from the fight.

Burst Assault Rifle: Like the SCAR, this rifle deals serious damage and excels at medium range. When aiming at your enemies from medium to long range, you can pick apart anyone in front of you in mere seconds. Always keep this gun in your inventory if you want a chance at Victory Royale.


Pump Shotgun: This shotgun is put in the A-Tier because it is the most annoying weapon to face off against and the most devastating to use. When you're running through a house and turn a corner, you'll likely get blasted in the face by the pump shotgun. This is due to the massive damage it packs and the crushing headshot blows it deals.

Suppressed Assault Rifle: Like the suppressed sniper rifle, the suppressed assault rifle was recently unvaulted. It's fun to pick apart enemies without them knowing where you are, and this gun is one of the best at doing that. Even if you are discovered you can still stand a fighting chance, making this weapon one to commonly use.

Grenade Launcher: Along with the Pump Shotgun, this weapon is one of the most fun to use and annoying to go up against. When it comes down to the final moments of a match, the Grenade Launcher is perfect for taking out an enemy in a fixed location. It can also blow up a few enemies in a specific spot at once, making it a powerful weapon every time.


Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle: When an enemy is fixed on one location, this sniper is perfect for taking them down at a long range due to the repeated shots you can let loose. With it becoming less powerful when an enemy moves around a ton, it falls into the B-Tier.

Suppressed Pistol: This pistol has also been unvaulted and is the best of its class in the game. With a high fire rate and damage to boot, it is a great weapon to use in close range, especially when sneaking up from behind an enemy.

M16: The M16 deals loads of damage but falls short of other guns in its class due to it being less effective in most ranges. It's still a solid weapon to use but there are better options.

The weapons that fall after the ones listed are only effective as start of the game pick-ups and should be dropped if you come across any above.