Fortnite Weapon Tier List March 2021

Fortnite's Weapon Tier List's will change once again with the new season.
Fortnite's Weapon Tier List's will change once again with the new season. / Courtesy of Epic Games.

Fortnite's weapon tier list as of March 2021 is essential for keeping gamers up to date on the latest, and most popular, weapons they might come across in-game. Yet as Season 5 of Fortnite begins to come to a close, the possibility of weapons becoming vaulted or un-vaulted gets even more real.

So, if you want to check out what weapons have been favourites this season (and before we might not see them for a while), we've got a few of them right here.

Fortnite weapon tier list March 2021


  • P90: A favourite, this submachine gun was un-vaulted for season five. Its power and seemingly limitless ammo has guaranteed its spot.
  • Amban Sniper Rifle: This was introduced this season as part of The Mandalorian crossover. Its ability to be both long-range and short-range makes this mythic weapon a staple of your inventory (if you can manage to unlock it).


  • Rocket Launcher: As a long-range weapon, its power is devastating. It is also one of the most fun weapons to use. The ability to take out several opponents at a time cannot be ignored.
  • Dragons' Breath Shotgun: The high damage of this weapon makes it an effective choice. With four shells per shot, it does use all of its ammunition at once, but if your aim is true that's not too big of a problem.
  • Tactical Shotgun: This fully automatic shotgun is an easy find with Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic variations. Its versatility and power making it a good spare to have on hand.


  • Flint Knock Pistol: Alright, so this one has been vaulted and un-vaulted all throughout season five. More as a way to limit the number of weapons in-game than any comment on its ability. It was last un-vaulted for Lazar and Fresh's Knockback Cup under a new name: Flight-Knock Pistol. It's an easy one to pick up the minute you land, but good to throw away when you manage to find something with more firepower and accuracy.
  • Storm Scout Sniper: Okay yes, it has some pretty cool features like the embedded weather map, but unless you intend to sit in a building the entire game and hope to take out opponents long-range, it has a very limited use.