Fortnite Week 10 XP Coin Guide: Locations and Suggestions

Fortnite Week 10 XP Coin Guide
Fortnite Week 10 XP Coin Guide / Photo By Marvel

The tenth, and likely final, week for XP coins in Fortnite Season 4 is upon us. There are two Golden XP Coins on the map, which are great for all players attempting to boost their XP for their Battle Pass down the final stretch of the season.

There are a total of 11 XP Coins spread throughout the Fortnite map: four green, three blue, two purple, and the two golden XP coins. Players need to grind to collect XP coins and complete challenges before the season ends on Nov. 30.

Twitter user Parrallex posted a picture of where players can find all 11 XP coins for this week. The two golden XP coins reward players with the biggest boost, and therefore are the most challenging to obtain. The first golden coin is located within Doctor Doom's vault, which is no easy task as Doom's Domain is one of the more sweatier drops in the game. The other golden coin is located in Sentinel Graveyard which is west of Lake Lake.

Fortnite Week 10 XP Coin Guide

There are six coins located in the middle of the map, so players have a good chance of collecting all of those in one game. Landing at Stark Industries and collecting the XP coin there and then taking the helicopter over to Doom's Domain would be the best approach. By then, a lot of the fighting at Doom's should be settled and players may only need to eliminate one or two opponents.

From there, fly close to Coral Castle and then south to Sweaty Sands and then 10 out of the 11 coins have been found. The last, and lonely, XP coin is on an island of its own. Literally. The island on the southeast corner of the map holds the 11th and final XP coin.