Fortnite Wild Week 2 Revealed

Courtesy of Epic Games
Courtesy of Epic Games /

Fortnite has brought Wild Weeks back in Season 7, which are weekly events that will provide gameplay changes based on that week's theme. This week is week two, which has seen a few changes to in-game items specifically involving movement strategy.

Fortnite Wild Week 2 Revealed

In this new Wild Week, the focus was put on items that have given an increase in mobility when it comes to drops. The jump pad has seen a temporary increase in spawn rate, and the Rift-To-Go has entered the game once again after being vaulted to provide a new way to rotate around the map during this Wild Week. Bouncers have also become unvaulted, clearly showing Epic wants to make sure players have all the movement skills they can carry. On the weapons side, all suppressed weapons have been vaulted, including Assault Rifles, Pistols and Snipers. This means that the game will probably be much more fast-paced for the time being, with mobility being emphasized and the slow play that comes with quieter weapons being entirely taken out of the loot pool.

It will be interesting to see how the new changes to the loot pool impact the meta of the game for Wild Week 2. Mobility will now be at an all-time high, so players should be prepared to be looking above them at all times. With this new week launched, players can dive right into this week's changes on Fortnite now.