Fortnite Witch Shack Locations: How to Find

Fortnite Witch Shack Locations: How to Find
Fortnite Witch Shack Locations: How to Find / Photo by Epic Games via @FortniteNews22

Fortnite Witch Shacks have popped up around the map, providing some spooky vibes to the Fortnitemares event. Players will begin to hear eerie sounds of cackling and moaning as they approach the Witch Shacks. If you are trying to complete all the Fortnitemares challenges before the deadline, you will need to visit all Witch Shacks throughout the map.

So naturally, you will want to know where they are. Lucky for you, we are here to provide you with every location to save you the time from mindlessly running around the map until you hear the creepy sounds.

Fortnite Witch Shack Locations: How to Find

There are seven different Fortnite Witch Shack locations around the map. It would be very impressive to hit all seven spots in one game, so do not be discouraged if it takes you a few attempts before visiting all seven. Getting credit for each visit is simple. All you have to do is get close to the location, no fighting or dancing is required.

A simple path is to land at Slurpy Swamp and collect full shields before grabbing a boat and heading straight south to visit the first shack. From there head straight east and visit the next shack on the edge of the map outside of Catty Corner. After that, keep cruising in the map north towards Steamy Stacks. The third Witch Shack will appear right before you reach the Stacks.

Now that you have three done, your travel arrangements get a little more complicated. We suggest taking the Stack rift and flying towards the rifts below Stark Industries. Assuming the rifts are still there, take the rift and head northwest to Homely Hills north of Doom's Domain. There you will find your fourth shack, and there are rift spawns there so you are in good shape.

Take the rifts in Homely Hills and head South towards Salty Springs. There is a shack right outside of Salty and then you will have five out of seven done.

Most likely, that is the best you could probably do in a single game. All that is left is landing west of Sweaty Sands and making the journey to where the old Military Compound used to be north of Lazy Lake.