Fortnite Wonder Skin Code: How to Get the Skin

Fortnite Wonder Skin Code is a common misconception.
Fortnite Wonder Skin Code is a common misconception. / Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Wonder Skin Code is a common misconception within the game's community.

The Wonder Skin within Fortnite is actually an exclusive skin that can only be obtained by purchasing an Honor 20 smartphone.

Fortnite Wonder Skin Code

From there, players need to open up the AppGallery on their Honor 20 smartphone and click the "Me" button, followed by the "Gift" icon. After that, a banner should pop up that shows the Wonder Skin for Fortnite. Clicking on the banner will copy its code.

Upon doing so, open up an internet browsing application and type in the URL "" and press enter on your keyboard. After being directed to the redeem page, following the on-screen directions will eventually lead you to the account page where you can paste the recently copied code to redeem.

After that, log onto Fortnite and check your locker tab. You should see the Wonder Skin within the "Outfits" section.

The Fortnite Wonder Skin most similarly resembles the Honor 20 Pro with its teal and purple colors.