Fortnite World Cup Standings: Who Has Qualified?

Fortnite World Cup standings are the key to exactly who will make it into the Fortune World Cup proper. As qualifiers wrap up, the World Cup’s participants grow ever clearer. Here’s who’s qualified so far.

Fortnite World Cup Standings: Who Has Qualified?

Each week of competition sees top players from each region qualify. Those regions include Europe, North America East, North America West, South America, Asia and Oceania. Not all regions receive the same number of competition spots.

Two weeks have been completed so far of the 10 total, with a third underway. Here’s who’s qualified so far.

Week One: April 13-14

Slaya — Oceania
TOP_Faxfox — Asia
E11 Stompy — Europe
TQ Prisi0n3r0 — Europe
NRG benjyfishy — Europe
hREDS BELAU — Europe
Gambit.letw1k3 — Europe
LDLC Nayte — Europe
S2V DiegoGB — Europe
TrainH DRG — Europe
SEN Bugha — North America East
Dubs fn — North America East
Ghost Bizzle — North America East
TSM_Comadon — North America East
Liquid Vivid — North America East
100T Ceice — North America East
snow xd — North America West
Liquid Riversan — North America West
QASAR leleo — South America

Week Two: April 20-21

CoverH and MF Twizz — Oceania
CR.bell and Scarlet No.1 — Asia
NRG benjyfishy and NRG MrSavageM — Europe
Secret_Mongraal and Atlantis Mitr0 — Europe
E11 Tschiiinken and E11 Stompy — Europe
Lootboy Mexe and Lootboy Skram — Europe
woofgamg crimz and OT Spadess — North America East
MSF Clix and MSF Sceptic — North America East
Envy LeNain and Tyler15 — North America East
Arkhram1x and Bloom Falconer — North America West
W7M pfzin and Code W7M-Nicks — South America

Week Three: April 27-28

Cat taking walls — Oceania
TOP_Banny — Asia

Be sure to check back each week so see who else has qualified.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games