Fortnite x Disney Release Date: Bob Iger Gives Insight for Eager Fans

Disney x Epic Games
Disney x Epic Games / Fortnite

Disney has announced an epic collaboration with video game company Epic Games, which will see the two companies combine to create "an all-new games and entertainment universe that will further expand the reach of beloved Disney stories and experiences."

This 1.5 billion dollar venture will see Disney work with Epic Games to bring "opportunities for consumers to play, watch, shop and engage with content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more." They will also utilize Fortnite to bring their games universe to consumers. This could see more collaborations, similar to the 2020 Marvel's Nexus War where players did battle with Galactus and a number of Marvel skins were released.

This collaboration could see Fortnite have events with popular franchises and characters from Star Wars, Pixar, Indiana Jones, more Marvel and many others. It will also likely see a Disney Fortnite games mode, which would be massive for both companies.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is aware of how massive the deal is for Disney and bringing their properties to a different type of consumer:

"This marks Disney’s biggest entry ever into the world of games and offers significant opportunities for growth and expansion. We can’t wait for fans to experience the Disney stories and worlds they love in groundbreaking new ways.”

While fans will be eager to sink their teeth into the Disney/Epic collaboration and possibly play Fortnite as fan favorites characters such as Mickey Mouse, Elsa or Buzz Lightyear, there may be a bit of a wait before this virtual world becomes a reality.

There is currently no release date for the virtual Disney world coming to Fortnite, as the companies will still need to iron out the fine print for their massive deal. Iger also stated in an interview with CNBC that the launch would be "maybe a couple of years" away.

While this may disappoint fans, it is a good thing that the companies will take time with this as it will result in a better end product. The wait will surely be worth it, as the two companies bring all the popular franchises to a new audience to consume.