Fortnite x Family Guy Crossover Potentially Being Teased

Photo courtesy of Fox

Fortnite has been on the receiving end of a lot of crossover speculation from Five Nights at Freddy’s to Street Fighter, and Family Guy is the newest one. This new speculation comes after Fortnite user GMatrixGames found new Fortnite files named FrenchFry.

The first letter of a new collaboration is always the first letter in the file code name, so fans are speculating that this one will be Family Guy. To further the skepticism, GMatrixGames posted on Twitter the texture from the files, and it showed Family Guy scenes like Peter holding his knee and him dancing, to name a few.

Fortnite x Family Guy Crossover Potentially Being Teased

If these rumors hold true, fans of both the game and the cartoon would be excited. Peter fighting Ernie, the Giant Chicken, would be a big plot in the cross-over, which would be awesome. It would be yet another crossover incorporated into the Fortnite universe.

However, while there are files that show Family Guy, Epic Games is known to pull tricks. So, until we get confirmation, we don’t know if these rumors will hold true.