Fortnite x Moncler: New In-Game Collab & Reactive Digital Outfits

The promo image for the Fortnite x Moncler Collab
The promo image for the Fortnite x Moncler Collab / Photo via Epic Games / Moncler

Fortnite and Moncler have teamed up to create this explosive cosmetic collab that has fans divided.

Moncler is a French luxury brand known for skiwear, which makes this a collab that most wouldn't expect between the two parties.

Below, you can find a video that shows off every cosmetic item added with this collab, from color-changing ski jackets for the masculine models and feminine models, to the Umbra-tube Backbling, the Umbra-Axe Pickaxe, and the Para-Pluie Glider.

The skins change color based on altitude when the reactive style is on. Players attire will change from light to dark as the altitude rises and as it lowers, will change from dark to light.

Previously, a collab like this took place between The Sims 4 and an Italian luxury brand, and it added a couple of clothing options and an updated photography skill.

While that one wasn't exactly well-received, it seems that Fortnite's choice to collab with a luxury brand is one that is leaving fans divided.

One fan tweeted, "Another great brand for you to be promoting in your game aimed mostly at kids..." and including a screenshot of the website showing off a $1,300 jacket.

For those interested, it's been rumored that players are able to purchase the Moncler Classic Set individually or in bundles where one includes only the skins and the other includes only the gear.