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Fortnite Xbox Cup: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnte Xbox Cup is an Xbox-only tournament where any player can try to grab a part of a $1 million prize pool. This tournament is truly open to any player as long as you own or can get a Xbox One on which to play for the weekend.

The tournament will begin July 20, when all eligible players will be able to take place in the tournament. The top 1,500 players advance to the second day.

Fortnite Xbox Cup: Everything You Need to Know

The tournament's format is solos. This means that you will be playing solely by yourself for the whole tournament.

Because this tournament is only open to players who play on the Xbox One, that means that much of Fortnite's competitive player base might be sitting this one out as well. But even if this is true, a $1 million dollar prize pool will bring in a great amount of talent.

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