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Fortnite Xbox Cup Leaderboard

Fortnite's Xbox Cup leaderboard is currently up with only two days left. People are wondering where on the leaderboard they were and where the cutoff was to be able to make it to Day 2.

To make it to Day 2, you had to place within the top 3,000 players in your region. Depending on your region, somewhere between the mid and upper 40's, and sometimes even 50, was about the point cutoff for top 3000.

Fortnite Xbox Cup Leaderboard

The leaderboard can be found in-game, but there have been some difficulties with seeing past a certain number of players.

Another option for locating your placement on the leaderboards is the website fortnitetracker.com. This website will allow you to see all the way past the top 3000 with no difficulty. You will also be able to see what point count each player had so the exact cutoff point will be more visible.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games