Fortnite XP Coins Season 4 Week 8 : How to Complete the Challenges

Fortnite XP Coins Season 4 Week 8 include a handful of basic challenges we've seen before. Fortnite is currently in full swing of it's most epic season yet, as the Marvel crossover has been a huge success. For Week 8, players can look to complete these challenges in order to grind XP and complete the battle pass. Week 8 is nothing special, so if you are grinding XP you won't have a tough time completing these tasks. Let's get into what they are.

Fortnite XP Coins Season 4 Week 8

Here is the full list of Week 8 challenges:

  • Search 7 Chests at Sweaty Sands
  • Eliminations (5) at Stark Industries
  • Drive a car or truck through a rift
  • Eliminate 5 opponents while jumping or falling
  • Headshot Doom Henchmen or Stark Robots (35)
  • Visit different Named Locations in a single match (5)
  • Deal damage (15,000) to opponents with Assault Rifles or Sniper Rifles

The challenges for this week are maybe the most basic Epic Games has put out this season. You can complete half of these challenges on accident in a single match. For the Stark Industries one, you can just camp the area for as long as possible in each match you play, and for visiting different locations, run around as much as you can and have yourself a good time.