Fortnite Yellow Locations: What Does It Mean?

Fortnite yellow locations are a new addition to the game and mean better loot for anyone willing to risk the drop!

In an effort to spread players out more across the map, in every match, a couple of landing spots have yellow names instead of the usual white.

Fortnite Yellow Locations: What Does It Mean?

The yellow names indicate that flying loot crates will spawn around that location granting players more loot. Basically, if you land there, you have a higher chance at grabbing better loot. But it's not always a popular landing spot allowing for players to spread out and land in hot spots still.

One of the biggest change for Season 9 is the inclusions of the Fortbytes. When you interact with one it will be added to your collection, bringing you another step closer to the Utopia Battle Star skin and revealing the full picture on the Fortbytes page.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games