Fortnitemares 2021 Returns: Full Details

Photo by Epic Games

Fortnitemares is returning to Fortnite this Wednesday. The event is Epic Games' annual Halloween celebration, bringing new content and visual changes to the game for the season. With lots of information teased, players can expect constant content to arrive on their screens all the way until Nov. 1.

So far, Epic Games has included a couple of the features for Fortnitemares in their announcement. One of the new offerings is Halloween-themed games and maps in the community playlist. On top of that, Halloween outfits are making a comeback with both old and new outfits expected to be released. One of the new outfits will be based off The Mummy, along with a new character in the game as well.

Fortnitemares 2021 Returns

As always, the current theme of the season will be incorporated into Fortnitemares. The cube is currently looming over the Fortnite map and according to Epic Games, chaos will be ensuing in the upcoming weeks. Accompanying this chaos is going to also be a new limited time mode.

Finally, one last feature of Fortnitemares will be the third Short Nite film festival. More details on the event are coming soon, but so far we know that the festival will feature animated shorts based on the "ghoulish and sinister."