Forward Gaming Dota 2 team has been terminated, leaving TI9 qualified players without a sponsor organization. The decision seems to come from David Dashtoyan, the North American esports team's CEO. It is unclear at this time what will happen to the players, since they have already qualified to attend The International 2019 in Shanghai.

Forward Gaming Dota 2 Team Let Go

Valve has made it clear in the past that invites to The International are extended to players — not organizations. The team captain, Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling, is still on the lookout for a new sponsor to cover the cost of traveling to Shanghai.

The CEO of Forward Gaming released a full statement and apology towards players and fans, explaining the situation.

"With a heavy heart, I regret to announce that Forward Gaming ceases to exist. As of today, all employees’ contracts are being released and our players become free agents."

The players are also losing out on their July paychecks as well as $36,000 in previous tournament winnings.

Forward Gaming was founded back in September 2018, and they've had some limited success in the Dota Pro Circuit.

Cover Image Courtesy of Forward Gaming and ESL