Found within Salty Springs Fortnite is the latest clue to the location of a newly unlocked Fortbyte. The new collectibles number 100 in total, and Fortbyte #72 is the latest to become available for collection. Here's how to find it.

Found Within Salty Springs Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte 72

As with many of the world-based Fortbytes released so far, Fortbyte #72 was made available alongside a short description of its location. This clue reads "Found Within Salty Springs," and is one of the most explicit clues Epic Games has yet handed out. Still, Salty Springs isn't so tiny. Here's where to look within the town.

When you're landing at Salty Springs, aim for the center north of the town. Next to the Respawn Van there, you should see a crater of cracked pavement and an overturned red van. Smash the red van using your pickaxe and you'll find Fortbyte #72. Interact with it and it'll be added to your collection, bringing you another step closer to the Utopia Battle Star skin and to revealing the full picture on the Fortbytes page.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games