FOV Slider Fortnite: How to Increase Field of View in Fortnite

FOV Slider Fortnite is a feature that Epic Games has long disapproved the use of, but that doesn't stop players from figuring out ways to maximize their sight. As a survival game, being able to spot your enemies before they do will give you a significant advantage.

FOV Slider Fortnite

Although there isn't a proper FOV slider in Fortnite, there is a trick that players use to their advantage. By using a resolution meant for an older 4:3 monitor set to modern widescreen monitor, you can stretch out your visuals and see more of the screen.

You can set your resolution options to:
1600 x 1080 (5:3)

1440 x 1080 (4:3)

1280 x 1024 (5:4)

1280 x 960 (4:3)

1024 x 768 (4:3)

This will squish the Y-axis (vertical resolution) of your game, allowing you to see further in the horizon than you would normally. The character models will appear larger and may help you hit them better, however, the hit boxes do not actually expand. However, enemies further away will be smaller and more difficult to hit. The advantage comes in the ability to spot enemies before they may spot you.

You may also need to tinker with some settings on your graphics card if you're experiencing black bars when you try this.

Playing on Stretched resolution is the closest we'll ever get to an FOV Slider in Fortnite, as Epic has stated that they will maintain a standard FOV for all players. Stretched resolutions are also disallowed from competitive play, but you can always do it from home to acquire some advantage.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.