Fox Clan Fortnite: The Lore You Never Knew

The Fox Clan from Fortnite is back and in more desperate straits than ever before.
The Fox Clan from Fortnite is back and in more desperate straits than ever before. / Epic Games

The Fox Clan from Fortnite is back and in more desperate straits than ever before.

Something strange happened to Fortnite's Twitter account yesterday, Jan 25. It appears to have been hijacked by an unknown individual, desperately reaching out to interplanar protagonist, Drift, in a last-ditch effort to save the whole Fox Clan. The person explained their situation in a series of tweets, detailing the loss of their clanmates and how their new mysterious ancient predator has turned this clan of formidable trackers into its prey. Before "wiping their tracks" ahead of apparent danger, they warned Drift that his fox mask may make him a target for the entity, as well. Teamwork would be the only way either of them would make it out of this alive.

So, what in the world does all that mean?

Fox Clan Fortnite Lore: Drift

First, we should start with Drift. His backstory is a bit tragic—having fallen into a Rift between our world and the Fortnite universe and obtaining interdimensional powers as a result. In Season 4, he was eventually picked up by a group including Brite Bomber, Rex, and Cuddle Team Leader. Together, they traveled all over the island. Fans have speculated that he became quite close with Brite Bomber, though an official relationship has not been confirmed by Epic Games.

Due to his unique Rift-related powers, fans have been able to see and play as various different versions of him from alternate timelines. These include his female counterpart, Catalyst, zodiac variant called Swift, and his polar opposite void-themed rival named Fade.

Drift's powers went through four unique stages—with each bringing him closer to his signature look. It's likely that these outfits represent different periods in his life and adventures on Fortnite Island. Surprisingly, he doesn't get his iconic kitsune mask until his third-to-last stage. He gets his cloak shortly after, decorated with a "torri" or sacred gateway symbol. His final stage showcases his power with magenta-purple lightning crackling from his back and weapons.

Epic has yet to reveal how Drift came upon his kitsune mask. Judging by the tweets, however, it was clearly a gift with malicious intent. Fans last saw Drift racing over the rooftops in Lucky Landing.

Fox Clan Fortnite Lore: Fox Clan

According to the recent tweets, we can glean that the Fox Clan are a group of hunters and trackers that have existed for quite a long time. It's unknown what they could have done to anger an "old" and "bad" entity enough to destroy the whole clan—but we'll likely get more insight once we learn what it actually is.

The Fox Clan sigil is a strawberry-pink fox head. It is often placed on a white background or vice versa. Each member has a unique kitsune-inspired mask that marks them as a clanmate. Other than this, there isn't much known about their culture, lifestyle, or beliefs.

There are three known members of the Fox Clan: Drift, Catalyst, and Vi.

Fox Clan Fortnite Lore: Vi

Vi is an outfit exclusive to Fortnite Crew subscribers. She is a young woman with pale skin and brown eyes. Her face and hair are obscured by a large white and pink fox-head cloak that is reminiscent of the Fox Clan sigil. Pink electricity sparks from her weapons—much like Drift. She is the figure on the far left being chased by Drift and Catalyst.

Fans believe she is the one who took over the Fornite account to contact Drift. Some allege she lost her mask while fleeing the predator hunting the Fox Clan. Others have even gone as far to suggest she may be Drift's daughter with Brite Bomber from an alternate timeline.

Hopefully, all will be revealed as we enter Chapter 2: Season 5. Good luck, everyone.