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Frozen Waterfall Fortnite: How to Complete Fortbyte #61

Frozen waterfall Fortnite is the key to picking up Fortbyte #61. Here's where to find it.

Frozen waterfall Fortnite is one of the pieces to the puzzle that is the latest Fortbyte, Fortbyte #61. While there aren't many frozen waterfalls in Fortnite, it can still be difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Here's where to find the waterfall and the Fortbyte it hides.

Frozen Waterfall Fortnite: How to Complete Fortbyte #61

Before seeking out the frozen waterfall, Fortnite players will need to have equipped the Sunbird Spray in their loadout. The spray is a reward for reaching Tier 26 of the Season 9 Battle Pass, requiring a not insubstantial time commitment to unlock.

Once you've got it equipped, head to the viking village at the northwest side of the snowy biome on the Fortnite map. If you're unfamiliar with the village, you can find it by landing at Snobby Shores and going southwest toward the snowy mountain between Snobby Shores and the soccer field to its east.

In the viking village, head to the viking ship on the south side. Look over the front and you'll see the frozen waterfall in question, with the Fortbyte at its base. Drop down and use the spray on the Fortbyte to pick up Fortbyte #61.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games