Fuel for the Forge Quest Guide for Dragonflight

Blizzard, Screenshot by Nathan Fusco

Dragonflight has poured a lot of content and time into professions, so there are weekly quests you can do in the capital city of Valdrakken for your trained professions. So those with Blacksmithing have a chance to complete the "Fuel for the Forge" quest to earn Blacksmithing Knowledge. The quest itself is fairly simple if you have the required material, but if you have none, you'll probably wondering where to find the Magma Cores.

Fuel for the Forge Quest Guide

Magma Cores are pretty common from all types of fire elementals across all the zones. Waking Shores has a massive amount of fire elementals scattered throughout. Head to coordinates 36,71 in the Waking Shores and you can kill Lava Slug packs and earn the cores that way.

For fans of the World of Warcraft series, this expansion has been a rousing success. From the world-building, quests, music, landscapes, and reputations, the game has a lot to offer.

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