Full CDL 2024 Schedule Leaked: All Majors, Qualifiers, and Champs Dates Revealed

The full CDL 2024 schedule leaked.
The full CDL 2024 schedule leaked. / Activision

The full CDL 2024 schedule for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season leaked, revealing all Majors, Qualifiers, and Champs dates for the 12 franchised teams.

The upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 means the next Call of Duty League season is just a couple months away. Although the CDL has yet to reveal any key dates or details concerning the MW3 season, Dexerto's Jacob Hale reported the alleged upcoming schedule. Despite calls for change, the format resembles the 2022 Call of Duty: Vanguard season.

Here's the CDL 2024 schedule, including possible Major locations for the upcoming season.

Full CDL 2024 Schedule Leaked: All Majors, Qualifiers, and Champs Dates Revealed

Check out the full CDL 2024 schedule ahead of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 season.

Major 1

  • Online Qualifiers: Dec. 8-Jan. 21
  • LAN: Jan. 25-28

Major 2

  • Online Qualifiers: Feb. 16-Mar. 17
  • LAN: Mar. 21-24

Major 3

  • Online Qualifiers: Apr. 12-May 12
  • LAN: May 16-19

Major 4

  • Online Qualifiers: May 24-June 16
  • LAN: June 20-23

Champs 2024

  • LAN: July 11-14

The schedule is subject to change as 2023 comes to a close.

CDL 2024 Major Locations Leaked

Along with the full schedule, possible CDL 2024 Major locations leaked. According to Arran "TacticalRab" Francis, the potential hosts for the Majors are:

  • Texas
  • Miami
  • Boston
  • Carolina
  • Toronto

Jacob Hale also reported that Boston Breach will host Major 1. As for the other four cities, CDL Majors hosted by OpTic Texas and Toronto Ultra, especially with their exciting new rosters, are highly likely.

With the Carolina Royal Ravens and Miami Heretics joining the CDL in 2024, Carolina and Miami could also host a LAN in the upcoming season.

Is There a Pro-Am Event in CDL 2024?

No, there does not appear to be a Pro-Am event in the CDL 2024 season. In previous years, the CDL hosted a tournament that invited the best Challengers teams to compete with the 12 franchised teams.

The Pro-Am LAN kicked off the season last year, but the leaked 2024 schedule seemingly does not include the tournament in the Modern Warfare 3 season.