FURIA Esports topped the ESL One Cologne North American Qualifier on Saturday to claim the only qualifying slot open to North American teams at the tournament.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team’s run saw it lose in the first round of the upper bracket to Lazarus Esports. In the lower bracket, it powered through Bad News Bears 2-1, Team Envy 2-0 and the newly rebranded Complexity 2-0 before meeting Lazarus Esports for a rematch.

FURIA Qualifies for ESL One Cologne

After taking that runback 2-0, FURIA went on to play Ghost Gaming in the tournament’s grand final. Despite starting with an automatic map win, Ghost Gaming put up little resistance. In the end, FURIA beat the other team 3-2 with wins on Inferno, Nuke and Cache.

FURIA joins Asian qualifier winner MVP PK and European qualifier winner Team Vitality at the event. One qualifying slot remains open to the winner of Heroic and AVANGAR before ESL One Cologne finalizes its lineup.