FUT Heroes Marvel Collaboration Leaked for FIFA 23

FIFA 23's FUT Heroes promotion could likely feature a collaboration with Marvel, according to a leaked image.

With all the excitement surrounding the news of FIFA 23's release date this week, someone at EA must have gotten shaky. Apparently, an individual at EA inadvertently published a promotional image for FUT Heroes featuring the Marvel logo. Suffice it to say, that person may be looking for a new opportunity soon.

FUT Heroes Marvel Collaboration Leaked for FIFA 23

The potential partnership with Marvel comes as a surprise to a lot of FIFA fans. Rumors of a World Cup FUT Heroes promotion were confirmed earlier this week, thought that makes sense — at least the World Cup has to do with the same sport!

At present, it can only be speculated what shape the promotion will take once formally underway. It's likely that items such as kits, stadiums, and other aesthetic elements of the game could be the focus of the collaboration.

However, the leaked image does beg the following questions: will fans see Marvel hero player cards? Could the likes of Ironman, Captain America, Thanos, and Dr. Strange soon make appearances on the pitch? What teams would they belong to? Will their onscreen abilities play into their on-field performance?

At any rate, gamers will have to wait and see what direction this curious partnership will take. Perhaps a leaker will dig up some more information. Or perhaps, another intern at EA will make another mistake.