FUT Week in Review: EA Sports Opens the Content Floodgates

So. Much. Content.

FIFA 20 had its biggest content week since release with a new Ultimate Scream team, UEFA Champions League cards getting added to packs, and a surprise in the return of League Squad Building Challenges.

Not all content was top tier, but content is content. Fans wanted more content, now they've got it and things are looking up for FIFA 20's menus.

Here's your FUT Week in Review.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream: Second Scream Team Released

EA Sports released the second Ultimate Scream team featuring some tantalizing cards. On face stats alone, Roberto Firmino, Lorenzo Insigne and Toni Kroos are strong.

While Team 2 has better high end cards, the argument could be made that Team 1 was better overall. Regardless, it's 24 cards that should remain relevant into December/January.

Mesut Ozil was given an easy objective card to complete, but the Julian Draxler SBC came in way overpriced. Let's see if EA releases another player this week at a better value-for-coins price similar to Hulk.

The bar for promotions has been set early on.

FIFA 20 UCL Cards: Champions League Cards Added to Packs

After botching the release weeks ago, Champions League cards are now in packs. Instead of having a +1 to their gold equivalents, UCL cards are carbon copies with a blue tint.

The market had a vitriolic reaction because of SBCs, but prices seem to have leveled out for now. These cards only hold SBC value for now, but they're in packs until the end of the game's cycle. Expect EA to continue raising their value in objectives and SBCs moving forward.

FIFA 20 League SBCs: The Holy Grail of Menu Content Returns!

"And the heavens sang, Hallelujah!"

League SBCs are back. After FIFA 20 community members assumed they'd be absent this cycle, EA Sports surprisingly released a repeatable Bundesliga SBC. The players aren't anything to write home about, but there's no denying how vital League SBCs are to menu content.

It's a free way to generate coins and packs for players. It's also one of the most addicting parts of menu content. It's great they're back and hopefully EA starts releasing more leagues as soon as possible to keep the market active.

TOTW 7 Predictions FIFA 20: Who's Getting in?

Team of the Week 7 is around the corner following the best TOTW in the game so far.

As of writing, four players look like shoe-ins for in-forms: Ayoze Perez and Jamie Vardy of Leicester City, Christian Pulisic of Chelsea and Yusuf Yazici of LOSC Lille.

Kylian Mbappe and Mauro Icardi both scored a brace in Le Classique, but who's more likely to get an in-form? EA has been reluctant to give Ones to Watch players boosts, but most would figure Icardi gets the nod over Mbappe here because, well, it's Mbappe.

FUT Week in Review: Overall Grade

Grade: B+

Players can't complain at the amount of content that was released this week.

Ultimate Scream 2 and UCL cards are a nice addition, but the real victory this week are League SBCs. Time to grind coin generators like Bronze Pack Method and get your clubs rolling into Team of the Year.

Regardless, EA need to close out Ultimate Scream on a high note. There were rumors of a Fernandinho SBC, so let's see how EA rounds out the best promotion of the year.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports