G2 Esports Replaces Mixwell with Keloqz

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Player Keloqz has returned to G2 Esports to play for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour. Initially benched and allowed to pursue other opportunities, Keloqz has returned, filling the space for player Mixwell, who is currently in a similar situation that keloqz was in not too long ago. 

Even though Mixwell was the in-game leader, his lead as Jett was not that strong, and because of his comparably weak game with the agent and inability to improve upon his skills, G2 Esports has benched him, giving him the same option they gave Keloqz, allowing him to find other teams to play for.

G2 Esports has been known for one thing, their lack of patience, and what this means is that G2 Esports does not wait around until the team they build gets better, instead, if the player's performance is not to their liking, the likelihood of benching them is high, as they have done with Keloqz, and is currently doing with Mixwell.

But Mixwell might very well come back, considering that he is the team leader in-game and his skill set is valued, it's just a matter of winning that is on the mind of G2 Esports, especially since they have not had a good season thus far when in the European Closed Qualifier.

Hopefully, bringing in Keloqz will change this outcome, but only time will tell how the team will do with this new adjustment.