Galar Fossil Pokemon: Everything You Need to Know

Galar Fossil Pokemon are rather rare in the newest iteration of the game.
Galar Fossil Pokemon are rather rare in the newest iteration of the game. / Nintendo/Game Freak

Galar Fossil Pokemon are rather rare in the newest iteration of the game.

There are exactly four possible Galar Fossil Pokemon to collect and battle with in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Each has a unique and interesting design, and comes with some tricks and caveats necessary to unlock them. Read on below to gain all the information you'll need on the four fossil Pokemon waiting for you in the earth beneath the Galar region.

Galar Fossil Pokemon: What They Are

As you journey through Pokemon Sword and Shield, just as with previous games in the series, you may come across one of a few different kinds of fossil items. Seemingly benign at first, they serve the singular purpose of enabling the Player to go all mad-scientist and splice together the DNA of ancient Pokemon to bring them back to life. Previous members of the fossil Pokemon family included Aerodactyl and Kabuto, to name a few.

Galar Fossil Pokemon: How to Get Them

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the fossil items scattered throughout the world are the Fossilized Bird, Dino, Drake, and Fish. There are plenty of methods to finding them, including searching around Route 6 and the Dusty Bowl. The best way to get fossils however is to meet with the Digging Duo, a pair of brother miners who will dig up items for you in return for Watts.

Regardless of method, once a player has enough fossils, they can head to Route along the way to Hammerlocke, and find one Professor Cara Liss. The cool looking machine beside her isn't just for show, and talking to her will allow the trainer to insert two fossil items into it, producing a fossil Pokemon. Be sure to take caution when making this choice, because the final decision is irreversible!

Galar Fossil Pokemon: Fossil Combinations and Pokemon

The four fossil Pokemon and the required fossil combination to recieve them are as follows:
- Dracozolt, a terrifying Electric/Dragon Pokemon is made from the Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Bird
- Acrtozolt, an Electric Ice type made from the Fossilized Dino and Fossilized Bird
- Dracovish, a Water/Dragon type with hulking jaws combined from the Fossilized Drake and Fish items
- and Arctovish, a Water/Ice Type made from the Fossilized Dino and Fish items who looks like he has better things to do than be on the cover of this article.

Good hunting, Pokemon Archaeologists! And remember... life uhh... finds a way.