Galarian Ponyta Confirmed for Pokémon Shield

Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokémon Shield
Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokémon Shield /

The Pokémon Company confirmed Wednesday a Galarian variant of Ponyta would appear in the upcoming Pokémon Shield.

Galarian Ponyta recolors the flaming horse Pokémon pure white with cotton candy pink and blue fur that appears in tufts around its ankles. Its tail is the same color combination, as is the mane that flows from around the short unicorn horn in its forehead.

The unique coloration is explained in-universe as the result of being exposed to life energy in a Galarian forest over many generations. In situations where that energy is particularly prevalent, Galarian Ponyta's mane will glow and change colors.

According to the official Pokémon Sword and Shield website, Galarian Ponyta will be a psychic-type Pokémon. The Pokémon is 2 feet and seven inches tall and weighs 52.9 pounds.

Mechanically, Galarian Ponyta will boast the new ability Pastel Veil. This allows it to protect itself and other allies from poisoning.

Galarian Ponyta will appear exclusively in Pokémon Shield, set for release Nov. 15.

Photo courtesy of Game Freak/The Pokémon Company