Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO is an Event Reward

Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know about this alternate form
Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know about this alternate form / Niantic Labs

Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO is just one of the unique alternate forms of pre-existing Pokemon that trainers can encounter while exploring their neighborhoods.

As an alternate form, Galarian Weezing shares its PokeDex number with the original Weezing—110. It is best known for making abandoned, dirty houses it's home. This Pokemon has a habit of going through the kitchen trash when house residents aren't looking. Like other Galarian forms, this Pokemon takes on an almost entirely new look accompanied by a change in typing and resistances.

Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO

Galarian Weezing was first released in Pokemon GO on Nov. 16, 2019. This was in part to celebrate the release of the new mainstream games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Unlike the classic Weezing, Galarian Weezing is a poison and fairy-type. It still evolves from Koffing, however, with the use of 50 candies.

Galarian Weezing has a CP ceiling of 2293. Its attack stat is 174, stamina is 197 and defense is 163. It can have a hit point total of 140. As a poison and fairy-type, it is weak to steel, psychic, and ground-types. Its best moveset includes the quick move Tackle and the charged move Play Rough.

Visually, Galarian Weezing is shown to have more of a smokestack appearance. Each part of its body wears a tall smokestack like a top hat and is accompanied by green gas-forming what resembles human facial hair. Its primary colors are grey and yellow off-white with green wisps of toxic gas orbiting its form.