Apex Legends

Game-Breaking Apex Legends Hack Turns Charge Rifle Into Infinite Ammo Aimbot

Crypto wielding the Charge Rifle
Crypto wielding the Charge Rifle / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is no stranger to cheaters and hackers, a problem many other FPS titles currently struggle with.

If last week's Gibraltar bug making him take more damage from explosives wasn't enough, Respawn seems to have a different issue on their hands.

While the Gibraltar bug was likely a result of some strange spaghetti code, this Charge Rifle issue is a straight-up hack some cheaters are putting in their game.

Reddit user u/megamind00007 posted this on the Apex Legends subreddit, spectating the hacker who killed him using the Charge Rifle infinite hack.

The Charge Rifle hack makes it so the cheater's Charge Rifle locks on to any target in sight, no matter what. Thanks to the traction from this Reddit post, the Loba in the video abusing the hack has been banned.

While banning anyone abusing a hack is to be expected, more importantly, we have no word when or if the hack has been dealt with. Seeing as how much of a game-breaking hack this is, it's very likely Respawn is doing what they can to try and fully patch the hack in any way they can.

While this is the only documented case of the Charge Rifle hack, it's very possible more players are getting their hands on the hack due to the increased publicity of it.