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'Game Breaking' Gas Mask Bug in Warzone Leads to Fan Outcry


A "game breaking" gas mask bug in Warzone leads to fan outcry.

Warzone has plenty of ups and downs. From forced integrations of weapons from other Call of Duty games, rampant hackers, and pay-to-win skins (yes we are looking at you, Rose skin), it always seems that for every step the battle royale takes forward, it subsequently takes two steps back.

The latest bug in the game was discovered by Reddit user RedditMonster321, who uploaded a clip of what they claimed was a game-breaking animation. While trying to get to cover, the player ran back behind a wall that was in the gas, and even though they had a gas mask in their inventory, it didn't equip until the player jumped out of cover to attack an enemy, rendering them defenseless. The error cost him the game as their opponent was able to quickly mow them down.

"Game Breaking" Gas Mask Bug in Warzone Leads to Fan Outcry

The post has divided the Call of Duty fanbase, as some users criticized the Redditor for simply making a bad play. Another group of users were in agreement and discussed different ways to improve the gas mask animation. A suggestion from lostmyjobthrowawayyy was that Warzone added a "toggle" option to equip a gas mask.

This would mean that players would have to press a button to equip the gas mask instead of it automatically equipping once a player takes damage from the gas.

It'll be interesting to see how the dev team handles this issue as it's clear not every fan thinks there is an issue.