Game Breaking Omen Bug Discovered, Riot Responds

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Omen has been an agent who has long dominated the Valorant meta, and the recent discovery of an exploitable bug pushes him even further.

Omen’s ultimate ability is typically used to scout enemy locations. Its original intention is for Omen to teleport to any location on the map, but Omen is also invincible while teleporting to the location. The drawback is that Omen normally cannot use weapons while teleporting, and if enemies catch him while he’s teleporting he can be shot, canceling the teleport.

Omen Bug Explained

The bug in question, highlighted by Reddit user u/kazefujin, centers on Omen using his ultimate while casting his “Dark Cover” ability, which creates a smokescreen in a chosen area. Casting both of these at the same time allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map while being invincible, but with the bug, he can pull out his weapons and fire.

A comment by u/kazefujin sums it up well.

“While studying the recently discovered glitch using Omen’s Dark Cover (his smoke) I managed to discover another part of the bug: if you cast both the smoke and the ultimate at the same time, you can shoot and cast skills while invulnerable,” they wrote.

Riot Responds

This bug gained traction quickly on Reddit, amassing over 7000 upvotes, and even warranting a response from Riot employee u/rycoux who said:

“Oo that’s a bad one. [We'll] try to find out whats going on and get to this next week. Super nice find!”

Riot Games developers are on winter vacation until the week of Jan. 4, likely leaving Omen players to exploit the glitch until then. The developer has yet to state whether abusing the exploit will lead to disciplinary action.