Call of Duty

Game-Breaking Warzone Revive Bug Strips Players of Weapons

Players experiencing this glitch become unable to equip weapons.
Players experiencing this glitch become unable to equip weapons. / Photo courtesy of Activision, via u/thediegotuber

A major glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone removes the weapons of revived players, making them helpless to protect themselves.

In a clip posted to the Warzone subreddit Friday, u/thediegotuber shows the glitch in action. The clip shows thediegotuber trying to revive a downed teammate when that teammate gets eliminated in the middle of the revive. As soon as they die, thediegotuber's character swaps to the stim and is unable to swap back to any of their guns. Unable to defend against the approaching enemies, they end up dead in a few seconds.

Others on the subreddit said they'd had similar experiences, becoming locked out of equipping or picking up a gun. The common thread in each story appeared to be the stim, though exactly why the glitches occur is unknown.

This bug has reportedly plagued players for months, stretching back to Infinity Ward's time as Warzone steward. Neither that studio nor Treyarch has managed to find a permanent solution to the glitch.