Game for Peace, the Chinese state-approved replacement for PUBG Mobile, has continued to do gangbusters business for developer Tencent.

Game for Peace: Patriotic Replacement for PUBG Mobile Continues Success in China

According to market analyst Sensor Tower, Game for Peace has already been a huge success for Tencent. The iOS version of the game reportedly made over $14 million in player spending in the first three days since PUBG Mobile’s removal.

The success makes sense, as the game is, for all intents and purposes, PUBG Mobile. The only differences are superficial: players wave goodbye instead of dying, no one bleeds when they’re shot. The game is also a piece of propaganda for the Chinese air force, though the patriotism is only a thin veneer for the profiteering to hide behind.

Still, it’s good enough for Chinese censors, and with PUBG Mobile player stats and progression carrying over, the game has become an overnight sensation.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp