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Games Arriving on Xbox Game Pass: November 2022

Courtesy of Microsoft

To kick off November, Microsoft has already been adding games to the Xbox Game Pass. Each month, the Xbox Game Pass and the PC Game Pass put out a diverse array of games for players to try at an affordable rate. This subscription-based service has opened the world for players who do not want to commit to buying a game. The Xbox Game Pass also offers players premium services to enhance gameplay such as Xbox Live and EA Play. 

The current list of games that are offered on the Xbox Game Pass is not finite. To give players a chance to explore each game, the release of games is staggered and, throughout the month, more games are added. This month introduces some newly anticipated favorites while bringing back some critically-acclaimed classics. Here is the current collection of games and more players can look forward to in the upcoming weeks:

Games Arriving on Xbox Game Pass: November 2022

Nov. 1

Nov. 3

Nov. 8

Nov. 10

Nov. 15

Nov. 22