Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass October 2023

Beacon Pines will leave Xbox Game Pass.
Beacon Pines will leave Xbox Game Pass. / Fellow Traveller

Xbox Game Pass offers players a plethora of options via its subscription. It provides hundreds of games for Microsoft users, deals and discounts, and EA Play membership, all for the low price of $9.99 or $16.99 a month, depending on the plan.

We've recently gone over which games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2023. These are the games that will be leaving this month.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass October 2023

These games will leave within the next two weeks, though we're unsure exactly when they'll no longer be available. If you've wanted to play any of these titles, it's best to purchase them now to save up to 20% off with your membership discount.

  • Despot’s Game: a strategy-intensive roguelike
  • Beacon Pines: an interactive storybook adventure
  • Moonscars: a nonlinear 2D platformer
  • Weird West: Definitive Edition: an action RPG
  • OUTRIDERS: a co-op RPG shooter
  • Prodeus: a first-person shooter

If you're contemplating which Game Pass plan to get, consider what platforms you play on and how often you play games. An avid gamer who enjoys playing on PC, console, and the cloud may want to opt for the Ultimate plan. A casual gamer who only plays on PC or console should go for the PC or Core version of the subscription service.

Visit the official Xbox Game Pass library page to see which Xbox Games are leaving the subscription service.