Garen: First Shield League of Legends Novella Released

Garen: First Shield
Garen: First Shield / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Garen: First Shield is the latest release in Riot Games' League of Legends lore. The novella is written by Anthony Reynolds, the Principal Narrative Writer at Riot Games.

The story is centered around Garen, one of League of Legends earliest released champions. The novella is available for download on Amazon Kindle.

Garen: First Shield League of Legends Novella Released

The novella follows Garen as he embarks on a venture outside the border of Demacia, his homeland. With him is League of Legends champion Quinn. While on their expedition, they discover a plot to that threatens the peaceful alliances they so long fought to uphold.

After discovering the plot, Quinn races back to Demacia to alert the kingdom, while Garen and the Dauntless Vanguard stand their ground in the hopes of putting down the conspiracy and saving the maintaining the peaceful relations already established.

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