Garen, Shaco and Viktor Highlight Major Champion Changes in League of Legends Patch 9.20

League of Legends Patch 9.20 released Tuesday lead by multiple champion changes notably to Garen, Shaco and Viktor.

"We're shipping some pretty big changes to Garen, Shaco, and Viktor this patch. Not big enough to be considered "rework"-level lists, these larger changelists are meant to excite the players of these champions, freshen up their kits, and lessen common pain points that have developed," Hanna Woo said in the patch notes.

Here are the changes to Garen, Shaco and Viktor this League of Legends patch.

Garen, Shaco and Viktor Highlight Major Champion Changes in League of Legends Patch 9.20


Base Stats

  • Attack Speed Growth: Changed from 2.9% to 3.65%
  • Health: Changed from 616.28 to 620
  • Health Growth: Changed from 84.25 to 84

Passive - Perseverance

  • Regeneration: Now 1.5-10.1% (levels 1-18)) of his maximum health per five seconds
  • Removed Empowered Regeneration
  • Regeneration Interruption: Now 7 seconds when hit by epic monsters, towers or champions

Q - Decisive Strike

  • Cast Time: Now scales with Garen's attack speed, behaving more similarly to a basic attack
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where when Garen is slowed, his Q's lockout time dramatically increased

W - Courage

  • Resistances Per Kill : Now 0.25 bonus armor and magic resistance (max of 30 at 150 unit kills)
  • Shield Me: Now grants a shield for 10% of his maximum health and 60% Tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds

E - Judgement

  • Spins: Now 7 (+1 per 20% attack speed from items and levels)
  • Damage Per Spin: Now 8/12/16/20/24 (+0-8 based on level) (+0.32-.04 attack damage)
  • Bonus Damage: Now 25% to the nearest enemy
  • Spins Before Shred: Changed from 4 to 6
  • Alexander the Great: Now grants stacks of Conqueror on each spin

R - Demacian Justice

  • Removed passive
  • Lasik: Grants vision of the target for 1 second, preventing it from cancelling if the target breaks line of sight
  • Damage: Now 150/300/450 (0+.2/0.25/0.3 of the target's missing health) as true damage


Base Stats

  • Attack Damage: Changed from 66 to 63
  • Attack Damage Growth: Changed from 3.5 to 3

Passive - Backstab

  • Basic Attack Damage: Basic attacking an enemy now deals an additional 10-25 (levels 1-18) (+0.15 bonus attack damage) damage from behind (this damage can critically strike)
  • Two-Shiv Poison Damage: Two-Shiv Poison now deals an additional 15-50 (levels 1-18) (+0.1 ability power) damage from behind

Q - Deceive

  • Stealth Duration: Now 2.5/2.75/3/3.25/3.5 seconds
  • Cooldown: Now 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds
  • Removed T-Time is Ticking Away
  • Damage: Now 25/35/45/55/65 (+0.25 bonus attack damage) When striking from behind, Deceive is guaranteed to critically strike for 130% damage

W - Jack in the Box

  • You All Get a Box: When triggered the boxes can now attack multiple enemies in an AoE range
  • AoE Damage: 15/20/25/30/35 (+0.1 ability power) (single target damage unchanged)
  • Non-Champion Fear Duration: 2 second on all
  • Feared Movement Speed: Now 60 movement speed for minions and monsters, 100 movement speed on champions

E - Two-Shiv Poison

  • Damage Type: Now Magic Damage
  • Damage: Now 70/95/120/145/170 (+0.8 bonus attack damage) (+0.6 ability power)
  • Execute Damage: Now 50% increased damage on targets below 30% health

R - Hallucinate

  • Box Trigger Time: Boxes now trigger immediately
  • Damage: Now 150/225/300 (+0.7 ability power)
  • Box AoE Damage: 10/20/30 (+0.1 ability power) (single target damage unchanged)
  • Fear Duration: Now 1 second



  • Bug Fix: Hex Core stats now update upon purchase instead of when Viktor next levels up
  • Bug Fix: Augmented - Aftershock Death Ray missiles are now the same width as the initial missile

Q - Siphon Power

  • Shield: Now 30-115 (levels 1-18) (+0.15 ability power)

W - Gravity Field

  • Augment - Implosion: Now direct hits slow enemies 20% for one second (does not proc on R ticks)

R - Chaos Storm

  • Do You Know the Muffin Man: Chaos Storm will continue chasing champions even after Viktor dies
  • Kracko: Chaos Storm can now move over terrain
  • Tick Cadence: Now one second
  • Ticks: Now six
  • Damage Per Tick: Now 65/105/145/ (+0.45 ability power)
  • Augment - Velocity Movement Speed: Now 25% faster (minimum movement speed is now || 200 -> 250 maximum movement speed is now || 300 -> 375)

For more information on the full list of champion changes, check out the patch notes.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games