'Gates of Hell' Overwatch Trick Traps Enemies in Spawn

Looking for a way to troll your opponents? Look no further.
Looking for a way to troll your opponents? Look no further. / Photo courtesy of McMagicMarvOW, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is a game that has shown time and time again that when players work together, some special things can happen.

Well according to this spawn teleporter trick that a player has discovered, it appears the same holds true even for those simply looking to have a fun time.

As shown by YouTuber McMagicMarvOW, there is a way to trap enemies in between the spawn barricade and the actual spawn healing area wall, hence the name 'Gates of Hell."

To do this, players will need a Symmetra, a Mei and a Reinhardt committed to the cause.

The first step to doing this trick is exploiting a glitch that allows Symmetra's Teleporter to sit within the enemy barricade wall of your spawn.

Symmetra places one of her Teleporters down as close as possible to the spawn, with the other somewhere else where enemies can enter it.

Then, Mei uses her Ice Wall and Cryo-Freeze abilities to push the first Teleporter into the spawn. Finally, Reinhardt Charges an unlucky enemy into the second Teleporter.

At this point, barring they survive being pinned, the enemy is confused and stuck between the Gates of Hell far from the rest of their teammates and the action. Their only way out is to burn to death by walking further into your spawn.

Once again, this will cost literally half of your team to be busy with trolling, so don't expect to win many games doing this, of course.

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