Gears 5 Scavengers: Act 3 Side Mission

Gears 5 Scavengers is a side mission that is available in Act 3. It can be activated upon exploring the City Ruins of Vasgar. Here, we've created a guide to help you complete the side quest.

Gears 5 Scavengers: Act 3 Side Mission

The first scavenger can be found in the City Ruins just west of the Harbor Docks. As you go through the ruins you are going to find some Nomads, and eventually reach a blocked door that you must open. When you attempt to open it, you will find some hunters that will come to fight you. After dispatching them, proceed through the doors, and you will find a Nomad supply area. There, you will find the UIR LC Circuit A1.

The next location is at the Cargo Shipwreck. Proceed forward in the direction that you were going and you will return to the outside of the desert. Proceed further into Vasgar and you will find a Cargo Shipwreck. Enter it, and you will immediately find two flocks flying around that you need to take care of. Upon dealing with the flocks, you will have actually saved a man who was on the scavenger crew. He will reward you with the UIR LC Circuit B1.

The last location is the Artillery Battery. It's south of the Train Bridge, and looks like a massive gun. When you arrive, go upstairs, and you will find a Juvie pod. Open it, and you will save a scavenger member. You will then activate the next part of the mission, where a Nomad will rush towards the door, to indicate that more of the scavenger's crew are within the locked room. You will have to fight several Juvies as well as a Snatcher. After dealing with them, proceed to the next building, and save the other crew members stuck in the pods. Then, go upstairs to the next floor, and you will find the UIR LC Circuit C1 in the middle of the room on a table.

Photo courtesy of The Coalition